Anne Petit has always maintained a relation to writing: notebooks, articles… She co-wrote theatre plays – The Thunder Bird, Ocean of Ashes – and adapted literary texts for theatre, among which The Fainted Woman (adapted from Jack London's The Apostate), The Host (from Camus's short-story), Landscapes with no ships, from Maria Judite de Carvalho's likewise-titled novel… Texts which she did not aim at publishing. The adaptation of Landscapes with no ships has a different story, as it was released in Portugal by CENA ACTUAL publishing house (1996) in Portuguese under the title Paisagem sem barcos.

Anne Petit recently wrote an episode scenario for theatre and/or television: Théâtralia, a Top Secret Private..., poetic and musical mysteries variations.

The dramaturgy which she always put in practice is inseparable from her work, whether in the adaptation of literary texts or in stage directing. It forms part of the first steps of her career...

Anne Petit is a member of S.A.C.D. where she registered all her texts and some of her theatre projects. Over the last few years she dedicates herself mainly to writing. Her novel ELLE ou le regard des autres (SHE or the gaze of others) was recently published in December 2020 by Editions Maïa under the name Anne V.Petit


extraits ELLE ou le regard des autres

In progress: Traces, poems ; Carnets ; Passages, novel


ELLE ou le regard des autres (SHE or the gaze of others)

About the mysterious alchemy of encounters... On the quest that each one carries - or not- in itself... Between the mid-sixties and the early years of this century, love, sex, politics and theatre are intertwined in the movement of History and the characters who cross it.
A particular construction: three short stories and seven flashes. Each short story has a story that is self-contained; the three stories structure the novel around the trajectory of a woman: SHE.
The seven flashes, sensual and poetic parenthesis, provide some elements - precise however- on each one's journey.
Elche, the longest journey through time. Yacinto is ten years old when he first runs into HER, passing through Elche. The vision of freedom offered by this very young woman and her friends opens the doors to a world Yacinto had never imagined and which he will dream of reaching... From the exile in Paris to the return to Spain, SHE will have crossed his path several times, influencing his destiny without ever being aware of it.
The Island, the initiation journey of a young girl, who will turn out to be HER, on an island in the Mediterranean. The genesis of HER quest.
The man on the other side, in the early years of this century, during a plane ride, a man recalls fragments of his encounters with HER.


Théâtralia, a Top secret private cop...
Poetic and musical mysteries variations

You never should have heard of her nor of the current, juicy matters she deals with around the whole world... SECRET... But as she is a TOP detective, some clients would do anything to purchase her services. Théâtralia doesn't work with anyone nor on any case... Whatever the price may be... Not very business-like… maybe… Those who badmouth say she does it to raise the bids, or that her office is just a cover... In any case, the clients whom she has turned down are ready to do anything to FORCE HER to accept their deal. Théâtralia is unseizable, so her loved ones become the victims of pressure, blackmail, and... that's how it is, you will be able to follow the crazy adventures of a private detective and her sidekicks on the cases which she TURNED DOWN... Her adventures will be all the more crazy since Théâtralia will be unseizable to you too – you will hear her voice, the sound of her steps, her breath, you will feel the presence of her three guys ever walking with her in the shadows... Lovers? Friends? Exes...? Place your bets, all the more as you won't see them either.


Dramatica -
Affectionate nickname that Théâtralia gave her best friend…
JuJu - Secretary, henchman and now and then...
Bordelito - You'll only see and hear him… a kid…a chatterer…
The three moonfaces Under their samurai, muddle-headed look…

The plan is that you will get some serious clues during the course of various 30-minute long episodes. These clues will link up together according to an immeasurable number of combinations which can be represented either together or separately, in the most unexpected places (including theatre houses...) following the swaying beat of the “mondial-blues”...
Anne Petit